RFQ - Request for Quotation

A module to manage quotation requests and replies

Create and send requests for quotations to suppliers with Symbrios intuitive “ step-by-step” workflow. Use predefined templates, share and compare quotations with colleagues and much more.

RFQ – a module for sourcing

Sourcing of products or services

Symbrios RFQ-module along with Symbrios purchasing and invoice modules helps you manage the complete Source-to-Pay process (S2P). The module can be used for procurement of products as well as services. Your communication with the invited suppliers becomes traceable and easy to follow and control.

Price comparison of suppliers

Compare your quotations

Once you publish your RFQ you can easily follow the process and the status of the invited suppliers steps in the quotation process. Want to receive a notification when something happens? No problem! the fully integrated message service let you have direct and traceable communication with your suppliers. Conversations are archived and secure and always just a click away if needed. This way even the RFQ process becomes transparent and traceable.

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