Invoice scanning & managing scanned supplier's invoices

Invoice scanning

If your supplier does not have a system for managing electronic invoices yet, you can scan them for recognition.

Once the invoices are scanned and recognised, you can manage them in Symbrio like any electronic invoices.

Here is how scanned and recognised invoices are managed in Symbrio

When an invoice has been scanned and recognised, it becomes available for further managing in Symbrio.

We have integration with the most common scanning providers.

Read about some of the support functions available when the scanned invoice enters Symbrio:

Our available support functions

Automatic matching

If the order associated with the invoice is available, these two will automatically be matched. Symbrio matches them based on project number, account or other recognition dimensions.

Find scanned invoices

You can search and develop reports on all scanned invoices in Symbrio. If you have all types of invoices in Symbrio, you can follow up on all costs.

Approve and code

The scanned invoices you can certify and book on precisely the same way as other invoice types. This means that you have all types of invoices for certificates collected in a system.

Expense invoices

Also expense invoices can be handled in the same way like other invoices in Symbrio. You get access to all statistics and have all types of costs in one and the same system.

How are scanned invoices managed?

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