Operation & maintenance

We monitor the system 24 hours a day

Our servers process 50,000 transactions every day. While thousands of users work in the system, advanced and thorough work is carried out digitally behind the scenes. This is something Symbrio monitors 24 hours a day.

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transactions pass through our servers daily.

0 /h

around the clock we monitor the system.

0 ,99%

average uptime over the last 90 days.


years of experience in purchasing & invoicing automation.

Operation & maintenance of systems

At O&M we can extinguish a fire before you even see the smoke

Day-to-day operations at O&M can be a roller coaster ride between heaven and hell. And things move fast. O&M faces numerous challenges on a daily basis, everything from alarms to be resolved immediately so as not to disrupt production among our users to computers that have crashed at the office.

Parallel to this, O&M has to keep up with the latest technology, maintain our servers, organise the release of the latest system versions and much, much more.

"The customer experience is extremely important to us."

Says Jonas Mählkvist, head of O&M.

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