EDI invoice, simplified invoice management

EDI at Symbrio

EDI Invoice means a minimal amount of administration while at the same time contributing to advanced traceability of the invoice’s entire history.

Four big benefits of EDI-invoices

Automatic Approval through Symbrio

You can set up the system so that EDI invoices that match the agreed price are approved automatically. You do this by defining a maximum amount that applies for activated suppliers. You are always the one who decides whether and how automatic approval is to be set up.

EDI invoices are based on different order types. Whether you are creating an order in Symbrio, phoning in an order or collecting goods in the store, the EDI invoice has a link to the supplier’s order in Symbrio.

Man hand using a laptop computer with a virtual screen and document for online approval paperless quality assurance and ERP management concept.

Statistics for your e-commerce

Statistics helps you make many important decisions. If you are able to find the statistics quickly and easily, it also saves you a lot of time. Time that could be spend doing other things, like coaching you clients where necessary.

Order statistics

Statistics for orders and order types helps you keep track of the company’s order process.

What are my colleagues actually buying? What percentage of the company’s orders are system orders, phone orders or collection orders?

These statistics helps show you how much of a discount you have received through EDI.

Detailed statistics

There are a lot of statistics available when handling your purchases and invoices in Symbrio.

For example, you can find exactly how much of a certain item you have ordered and to what price, all the way down to line level.

Numbers and statistics can be very exciting. Imagine being able to access statistics for your invoices, EDI or other variants.

Symbrio shows you how much you have been invoiced relative to your agreed prices. Do they check out or not? Symbrio has the answer.

Would you like to see how you can access all these statistics?

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