The implementation process

Implementing Symbrio

At Symbrio’s Implementation and Delivery department, you will meet a crew of specialists who will take good care of you. We want you to feel secure and cared for throughout the entire implementation process.

Implementation & delivery department

Symbrio has a robust implementation process

As a customer, you will be in contact with our Implementation and Delivery department when it is time to implement Symbrio’s purchasing and invoice management system.

Existing customers also come into contact with the Implementation department when new companies are set up, new functions are needed, new suppliers are connected, an ERP system is replaced, or similar needs arise.

For our part, it is all about coordinating the many different components included in an implementation project in the best possible way. We follow a well-defined process with clear roles wherein we have full control of what is to be done during the project.

This is the Symbrio implementation process

Startup meeting

Symbrio arranges a startup meeting with you at which we establish the required roles and explain how the process will unfold.

Analysis meeting

Now it is time to get introduced! Together we analyse and map your process and needs. This results in an analysis document that serves as an agreement between us.

Analysis document

The analysis document details how Symbrio is to be set up. This can for example include which accounting code strings to use, which type of integration solution is best and how the scanning solution will be implemented. Naturally, all of this must be approved by you, the customer.

Flow testing

Now it is time to set up all the parameters and, eventually, to conduct flow tests.

Acceptance testing

As the customer, you conduct acceptance tests on everything and check that the information flow from Symbrio is managed by your ERP system in the manner you prefer. Symbrio’s application specialist offers advice on what to test!


Once the implementation is complete it is time for training and commissioning.

Evaluation & improvement

What happens after the implementation?

After the implementation and commissioning, we will review the entire project, both with you as a customer and internally:

This is so that we can continually improve at what we do!

Implementation & integration projects

Your needs are our guiding principles

There is nothing more important than the customer’s needs!

At Implementation we understand the importance of working closely with the customer, to see the customer’s day-to-day reality and how they work. This creates greater understanding and insight about what users really need. This attitude is reflected in every step of Symbrio’s implementation and integration projects.

Responsible for delivery

Anna Carreira at Symbrio, delivery manager and Finnish speaker

“Implementing Symbrio’s PIM system (purchasing and invoice management system) is normally pretty fast. We have EDI links to the customer’s most important suppliers and often even have a standardised link to the concerned ERP system.

Six weeks after startup 70% of the customer’s purchases and 100% of the customer’s supplier invoices are managed electronically/digitally.”

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