Purchasing system for the construction & installation industry

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Do you have any questions about how the digital purchasing system works? Contact our sales team or our help desk.

Contact information

Phone: +46 (0)8 20 49 50

Email contact: kontakt@symbrio.com
Email invoice: faktura@symbrio.com

Symbrio's sales team

Robert Olsson

Email: Robert.olsson@symbrio.com
Phone: +46(0)70 358 91 64

Jonas Agartz


Phone: +46 (0)76 879 21 77

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The helpdesk is open weekdays at 8-16.30.

At the Helpdesk, we provide second-line support, which means that we rarely support pure user questions. Every customer has at least one super user internally who is there to take care of end user issues.

Kristin at the Symbrios Helpdesk