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Symbrio’s customers have realised how easy it is to save money on efficient purchasing and invoice management. Why spend time on things that can be automated? You will save both time and money!

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Being able to provide online commerce is a now a must, regardless of whether it is B2B or B2C. A purchaser needs a reliable purchasing program which can be used throughout the entire purchasing process, from placing the order to the approval of the invoice.
Symbrio’s customers have access to automated processes, such as forprize optimisation and approval. This saves Symbrio’s customers the effort of having to spend time on manual price comparisons through different webshops and having to look for orders to see if the invoices can be approved.
Other significant benefits of using a purchasing program:
  • you can be certain that all contracts are being taken into account
  • access to automatic matching between order and invoice
  • you can easily monitor to see if you are being over-invoiced

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