Purchasing system for the construction & installation industry

Good purchases! Less expenditure

Symbrio’s purchasing system gives you the tools you need to take control of your expenses. You know exactly how large the purchases you have made are, how much you have paid and who you bought the items from. That is how you save money and lower your expenses.

Purchasing and invoice management system

Do you get an unpleasant feeling of not being in control?

It is about the control of your purchases! The control over how much you spend, where you purchase from, how much you buy and if everything is actually done in accordance with your contracts!

If you wish to take control of the purchasing process, Symbrio’s purchasing management system has what you need. Would you also like to automatically match your orders and invoices, then Symbrio’s purchasing and invoice management system is for you.

How Bravida and Assemblin use Symbrio

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How Symbrio's purchasing management works

Search for item

Find your items from one or multiple suppliers. All your preferred suppliers are displayed in a single window. Check the online inventory through Symbrio and add the items to your basket!

Compare prices

Access the Price Comparison from your basket and let Symbrio compare the prices of your preferred suppliers. The Price Comparison takes into account the discounts each supplier offers.

Place your order

When the Price optimisation is completed and you have picked out your items, place your order. If you have ordered items from multiple suppliers, Symbrio will automatically split them up so that each supplier gets one order.

Order confirmation

You should receive an order confirmation from each supplier within a few minutes. You can also set your preferences so that you will receive an email should any orders to be confirmed incorrectly. 


Symbrio gathers several kinds of data, allowing you to produce different types of reports. For example, you can get statistics on the quantities of an item which you have purchased from a particular supplier.


The reports will give you detailed documentation ahead of upcoming negotiations. You are in control of your purchase volumes. You are in control of your purchases.

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