Invoice system for the construction & installation industry

Invoice management system

- unlike other invoice programmes

With Symbrio’s invoice management system, you can manage all kinds of invoices. Multiple people can manage the invoice at once, you can code invoices based on several code templates and quickly see who approves of what. Simply put, Symbrio puts you in full control of your invoices!

Automation of supplier invoices

Smooth management of supplier's invoices

Sometimes you need to find the order associated with the invoice or contract in order to check the price levels, or you might need to retrieve reports containing important statistics. Having control over you invoices is vital. Do not waste valuable time looking for invoices, orders or prices that have been agreed upon. It is your time to take charge and have a say in the management of information and the availability of important data.

Symbrio will give you this power of control!

EDI invoice for the construction & installation industry

EDI invoice, simplified invoice management

EDI Invoice means a minimal amount of administration while at the same time contributing to advanced traceability of the invoice’s entire history.

Four big benefits of EDI invoices

E-invoice for the construction & installation industry

Manage E-invoices with no fuss

Want to avoid managing paper invoices, interpreting scanned invoices or interpreting PDF files? Then e-invoice is the solution for you.

Manage all your invoices electronically and you can avoid all the administration that comes with paper invoices. E-invoice gives you the opportunity to manage individual invoices as a complement to the normal EDI flow.

Invoice scanning for the construction & installation industry

Invoice scanning, & managing scanned supplier's invoices

If your supplier does not have a system for managing electronic invoices yet, you can scan them for recognition.

Once the invoices are scanned and recognised, you can manage them in Symbrio like any electronic invoices.

Approve invoices

Approve your invoice in Symbrio

Symbrio lets you approve and check invoice lines individually. Flexible approval rules gives you control of all accounts, code elements and combinations of them.

Coding of invoices

Coding an invoice

Symbrio lets you code as much as possible in advance, all to make your everyday life easier. You can choose from 20 different coding dimensions.

How Symbrio helps you to code

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