E-invoice with no fuss

E-invoice with Symbrio

Want to avoid managing paper invoices, interpreting scanned invoices or interpreting PDF files? Then e-invoice is the solution for you.

Manage your e-invoices in Symbrio

Manage all your invoices electronically and you can avoid all the administration that comes with paper invoices.

E-invoice gives you the opportunity to manage individual invoices as a complement to the normal EDI flow.

Four functions for handing e-invoices you cannot live without!

Expensive invoices

E-invoice also lets you manage expense invoices that are not always associated with purchases you are managing in Symbrio.

Detailed information

E-invoices allow you to send detailed information at line level, for example the name of a specific cost such as a trip, an overnight stay or a bouquet of flowers.

Devide the amount

Each cost creates individual lines, i.e. you do not need to process a lump sum that can be difficult to trace. This means that you receive detailed information that makes it easier for you to trace each individual cost.

Find invoices

You can find your invoices in a multitude of ways, as well as sending it to the finance system.

Manage e-invoices in Symbrio

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