Approval for the construction & installation industry

Approve your invoice in Symbrio

Symbrio lets you approve and check invoice lines individually. Flexible approval rules gives you control of all accounts, code elements and combinations of them.

Who approves what?

You have no doubt experienced situations in which not only you but also a colleague had to approve the invoice. Or situations where you would have needed to know who approved the invoice. Or to whom the invoice was forwarded.

You have no doubt encountered many more situations when you needed help. Symbrio is the answer to all your concerns.

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10 approval support systems you cannot live without

Manage invoices

A single invoice can be managed by several people at the same time.


The invoice administrator always has an overview of where the invoice is.


You can automatically create invoice approval for invoices with no price deviation from order.

Coding templates

Save time and get account coding right by account coding on the basis of an account coding template.


You manage and follow up on all kinds of supplier invoices.

Manage acknowledgements

You guarantee the mirroring of postings between Symbrio and the finance system.

Preliminary and subsequent checks

You can capture invoices at an early stage with reference to defined rules and also check them before they are sent to the finance system.

Account coding rules

Account coding rules help you to minimise incorrect account coding.


You can divide the account coding lines.


Detailed search of invoice & order data and account coding. Print multiple invoices at the same time.

Invoice management in action

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