"Ten years ago there were 2,000 users, today that has doubled to 4,000 users."

According to David Edner, head of purchases at the Bravida group, one of the most significant benefits of using Bravis is the Price Comparison.

What Bravida thinks of Symbrio

Over the past ten years or so, Bravida has worked on “Bravis”, their name for SYMBRIO. Today, 4,000 users purchase items, compare prices, obtain reports and check invoices on a daily basis.

Here are a few of the many benefits mentioned by David Edner, the head of purchasing systems at the group lists:

"I have a dream"

David Edner has been Bravida’s head of purchasing systems at the group level for several years and has a long history with Symbrio. At Symbrio we got to know him at his previous employer, where SYMBRIO (the system) was technically implemented, but had yet to be implemented for the end users. He began his career as a coach for SYMBRIO and trained many of end users throughout the country. Before long, he was responsible of the whole system as well as the coaching activities, and was recruited by Bravida a few years later.

Today, David sees a major difference in IT-maturity compared to ten years ago. “Ten years ago, we challenged all the actors in a different way”, David explains. “Just getting the suppliers to understand what they were supposed to do” was a challenge. David himself has of course also changed. Having started in an advisory position, he now heads up development along with us at Symbrio.

Create flexible solutions

“Bravida has done a phenomenal job implementing Bravis (Bravida’s name for SYMBRIO) into the business. 

However, market demands and digital conditions are constantly changing, which requires more from us. 

It is important, probably now more than ever, to create flexible solutions which can support this change”, David says

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