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Welcome to Symbrio!

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We are professionals when it comes to purchasing and invoicing

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Are you in control of all your invoices?

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Are you in control of all your purchases?

Managing purchasing and invoices - how easy can it get?

Symbrio's purchasing and invoicing system can give you better control of your administrative costs. Whether your company is large or small, there are always administrative costs that can be reduced relatively easily, by using Symbrio's purchasing and invoicing system. We call the actual process PIM, Purchasing and Invoice Management 

Let us take a look at an example:

We assume that you need to purchase three inlet pipes. As usual, you will compare suppliers' price, whether the items are in stock, and how quickly they can be delivered.

You call various suppliers to compare their information and after choosing the best option you call the selected supplier to place the order.

How long do you think this takes?

We do not know exactly, but let’s assume that it takes 30 minutes. We also assume that this procedure is repeated three times a week, that you work 31 weeks a year, and that your time is worth SEK 600 per hour.


How long do you think this takes with Symbrio's purchasing and invoicing system?

We do not know exactly, but let’s assume that it takes 10 minutes. You log into Symbrio, search for the item and click on the price comparison. You will quickly receive the suppliers' prices, whether the item is in stock, and how quickly it can be delivered.


What does this procedure cost?

The savings of SEK 18,600 (27.900kr - 9.300kr) may not seem very much, but remember that your organization may have several people placing orders. This puts the administrative costs at a very different level ...

So far, we have only considered purchasing, but if we also look at invoice handling  

the potential savings are really significant with Symbrio§



    • Buy at the right price

    • See the current levels of available stock

    • Take control of your purchasing


    • Reduce the time spent processing invoices

    •  Assign account codes and authorisation for individual entries

    • Assign invoices with account codes automatically





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